PR – Personal Records

Track your Personal Records with ease!
The best choice to track your progress.

Track your heavy lifts

PR is not designed to track all your workouts and lifts. Who cares about that warmup three months ago? Instead we focus on the most important metric: How strong you are.

Only track what's important

All these workouts and exercises take time to track and – let's be honest – will never be looked at again. Reduce the noise.

Easy to use with one hand

PR is designed to be used with one hand, so you can use it even with hurting hands. We got you...

Quick and easy entries

Designed for quick entries so you can focus less on bookkeeping an more on lifting.

Easy and quick to enter your lifts

Adding your lifts is quick and easy so you can immediately focus on the next one.

Detailed statistics

Dig into your stats and find out when you made the biggest gains.

See yorself getting stronger

Keep yourself motivated and lift more.
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